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#1000 Anywhere Street, Alberta, Near Calgary, AB

Blog by Sheryl Leskiw, TheCarWashGirl | December 3rd, 2018

I just finished uploading this Bottle Depot for sale, #1000 Anywhere Street, Alberta, Near Calgary, AB

Hello everyone, we currently have a few bottle depots listed for sale in Alberta. If you have interest in purchasing a bottle depot, please submit an email with your price range, preferred location, and revenue expectation. We will let you know if we have something that will fit your criteria. Generally, we require a face-to-face meeting with buyers before disclosing confidential financial information. And, generally, buyers will require approximately 35% cash down to purchase a bottle depot. Therefore, if the purchase price is $1,000,000, $350,000 cash would be required by a lender to secure financing. We can recommend several lenders, lawyers and guide you through the process of owning a bottle depot. The benefits of owning a bottle depot is that they are government regulated businesses with a protected territory. Therefore, you never have to worry about a new bottle depot opening across the street. The hours of operation are usually 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, a lot few hours than most businesses. For additional information about bottle depots, please visit the government website: https://www.bcmb.ab.ca/. For information about the bottle depots I have for sale, again, please email me with your preferences or call me at 403-701-2029. Thank you.