After years of working with buyers and sellers, I've come to understand the importance of working with a team of qualified "partners" that will not only provide you with effective support and consulation, but will save you time and money because they know and truly understand the world of commercial real estate. 

FINANCING - Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Broker or Private Lender - what is the right solution for you?

* LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS - Do you have a lawyer who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the complexities of commercial real estate?

* APPRAISAL - When is an appraisal required?  How much do they cost and who typically pays to have one done?

* BUILDING INSPECTOR - do you require a building and equipment inspection before you buy?

* LAND SURVEYOR - your lawyer will not transfer title of a property without a current RPR (Real Property Report), do you need a land surveyor?  Is Title Insurance right for you?

* ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY - your lender will not provide financing without a clean environmental study.  The cost for a Phase I report can range between $4,000-$6,000.  Who should you pay for this report? 

* UPGRADES - does your car wash, gas station or other building require mechanical or other types of improvements?  I work with a team of contractors who can assess your needs and provide you with a competitive quote for any upgrades or improvements that may be requried.